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Utopia Rag revised edition of 2002 novel.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard (a.k.a. Hyperbaton), language experimentation as function of alienation. Set in contemporary Paris, story revolves around characters homeless and resident in apartments of a multi-cultural dwelling on the northern edge of the 18th arrondissement. 2013.

Wormwood short novel about a refugee in Berlin (a love affair, an underworld crime syndicate). First published 1997; re-released 2012. Translated into Serbo-Croatian 2019.

Tourtagebuch is a translation of a diary kept during a performance tour (of Germany). Published 2012. ISBN 979-10-91280-00-6. The English original has not been published. The translation into German is © Arno Loeffler.

L is a short novel set in a New Zealand reshaped after geological upheavals. It was published in an anthology of NZ speculative fiction in 2010. A Foreign Country. (Random Static. Anna Caro & Juliet Buchanan, editors). ISBN 978-0-473-16916-9.

Enclosures (1) is a novel in five parts. It is made up of four separate stories plus a sequence of diary entries. Published in 2008. [Deleted by request --Now available as eBook through Titus Books, Auckland due to funding from Creative NZ]

Brakeman is an apocalyptic science fiction novel in four parts. It offers a vision of a future (americanised) New Zealand, in which Auckland is the capital of a South Pacific devastated by geological upheavals. [Deleted by request -- Now available as eBook through Titus Books Auckland due to funding from Creative NZ]

Jules tells the tale of 24 hours inside the head of an English-born art historian with an interest in the depiction of illness in Rennaissance art. When he loses his way the story moves from the Paris known to tourists to the subculture of the City of Light.

The History and Mythology of Onaevia is an invented history of an imaginary land, after Swift's Gulliver's Travels and More's Utopia.

Nusquama is a single novel made up of two novellas and a number of character sketches. A hardly-successful New Zealand pop band in the early 1980s. Monologue voice-over by the child of one of the members of that band.

Late additions: Coma (deleted), Stadium (deleted by request).

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