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Percutio 2016 Cover
Cover image: Vanuatu mask (probably Malakula)
Courtesy of Otago Museum, Dunedin

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Percutio 2016. Nr. 9. Edward Jenner Issue / numéro Edward Jenner.

Rédacteur en chef : William Direen


Complete Gold Leaves
Transcriptions of Sixteen Ancient Greek Gold Lamellae
compiled with English translations by Edward Jenner

The Journeys of the Dead
from Malakula and the Small Islands
and their relevance to Aeneid VI and
Greco-Roman Mythology by Edward Jenner

Percutio Reviews / Commentaire [w.d.]

No Relation by Thomas Pors Koed
Tender Girl by Lisa Samuels
Beyond the Ohlala Mountains by Alan Brunton
The Blinding Walk by K.M.Ross
In Love with these Times by Roger Shepherd
In Continents by Richard Reeve
The Selected Poems of Peter Olds
Then It Was Now Again By Murray Edmond
As the Verb Tenses by Lynley Edmeades

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Cover image: David Mackenzie

Percutio 2015. Nr. 9. No Theme / Sujet libre.
Rédacteur en chef : William Direen


Dreifaltigkeitslied Eckhart von Hochheim (attr.) [tr. w.d.]
Procession of Ancestors (detail) Edward Jenner
Two poems Nick Ascroft
Self-portrait at an exhibition Gunther Dietrich
Summons Lisa Samuels
Time Rhyme and Heaven 29 Joel Chace
Extrait de Mnémosyne ou Le voyage invisible Franco Bianciardi [tr. w.d.]
Untitled and The American Eagle Lindsay Smith
Three prose poems Edward Jenner
Prose poem, Untitled and Simplism Scott Flanagan
Deux séquences de dessins
et William Shakespeare/Les Sonnets José Manuel Lopes
Moreton Bay David Eggleton
Four poems Eden Bradfield
Four poems Lynley Edmeades
Crucified Nightmare 1-12, two poems inspired by Hildegard
von Bingen followed by photo montage Jacques Coulardeau
What? David Karena-Holmes
Two poems and an untitled drawing Cilla McQueen
Two image-related descriptions Richard von Sturmer
Two poems Jack Ross
Two poems and extracts from a sequence Mark Pirie
Two poems Jenny Powell
Power Cuts Mary Cresswell
Four poems Richard Taylor
Two poems and Untitled (detail) Mary Anne Bourke
Kicking Enzo / Enzo Arno Loeffler
Cruise Ship Peter Olds
Extract from Centre William Direen
Night-Scented Stock Katherine Mansfield

Reviews / Commentaire
Two poems by Lisa Samuels and Robin Hyde [w.d.]
Lynley Hood revisited [Grant Mcdonagh]
Jack! Celebrating Jack Body, Composer [w.d.]
brief #52 [w.d.]
Masculinity at Festival del Film Locarno [Arno Loeffler]



Cover image: Ben Webb

Percutio 2014. Nr. 8. Expérience.
Rédacteur en chef : William Direen

Contents / Sommaire

Cenotaph for Baudelaire -- Stéphane Mallarmé [w.d.]
A Handful of Poems -- TJ Costelloe
Codex 2014 -- Grant McDonagh
Tiring -- Brett Cross
The Civilian Militia -- Jessica Denton
Excerpts from a Year at Music School -- Jo Contag
Tendril -- Jessica L. Meyer
Looking for Lago di Lecco Refugee Washed Up, Washed Out -- Sandra Sarala
3.ii.13 -- Ben Webb
Gainesville Notes -- Arno Loeffler
I Dreamed I Saw Epeli Hau’ofa Last Night -- Scott Hamilton
Part-dossier of a tour (photo) -- Arno Loeffler
Christchurch -- William Direen
A message from Jay Hinman of Dynamite Hemorrhage
‘photogenie / in excess of the given image’ -- Sally Anne McIntyre
Portrait of Peter Gutteridge
Peter Gutteridge (1964–2014) -- Campbell Walker
Man’s First Sight of Woman -- Dracontius [w.d.]
Cynthia Returned from the Dead -- Propertius [w.d.]
dystopia -- Steve Dean
Deux poèmes -- Sandra Bel
M’enfin, j’en ai le tournis -- Jacques Coulardeau


Cover photo:Stuart Page

Percutio 2013. Nr. 7. "Outlying Hands"
Rédacteur en chef : William Direen

Contents / Sommaire

Épigraphe Thomas Findeiss

The Dhammapada Jacques Coulardeau
Quatre poèmes Doireann Ni Ghriofa
Sur l'autoportrait Sandra Bianciardi
Enviro-riddle Cilla McQueen
From 'A Star in Space' David Karena Holmes
Deux poèmes Jenny Powell
Deux poèmes Ailbhe Ní Ghearbhuigh
[ΠΕΙΡΙΘΟΟΣ] Euripides trad. Nathan Creech
Six poèmes Vaughan Rapatahana
Six poèmes Dairena Ní Chinnéide
Un poème Peter Olds
Surmenage/ contre Surmenage Wystan Curnow
first snow April Dolkar
not having conceived Brett Cross
Claude Lanzmann’s vision at Auschwitz-Birkenau Ted Jenner

Photo-récits Pete Davies

Mars Gregory Waterston
Swedish Story Eden Bradfield
After the tour Matthew Swanson
In praise of traditional songs Jowe Head
Extract from Tropic of Skorpeo Michael Morrissey
Extract from Scratched on the Sky Andrew Schmidt
Memoir Geoff Cush
Airplane Ride Lisa Samuels
Aua Goggo Arno Loeffler
The Big Unknown Secret of a Junkie Jim Wilson
The Living Bridge April Dolkar
From the Quake Zone Grant McDonagh

Stopover William Direen


Cover photo: Catherine James

Percutio 2012. Nr. 6. "Ah ! L'Europe"
Rédacteur en chef : William Direen

Contents / Sommaire


Montparnasse As Was Wystan Curnow
Leaving Wood Green, 1976 David Kârena-Holmes
Musée Rodin, 2005 Cilla McQueen
A Cure Jeet Thayil
The Stone Peter Olds
Reunion Brett Cross
Sonnet Responses Nathan Creech
Lens 1, Lens 2 April Dolkar

A Writer’s Notes Geoff Cush
A Note on Leaving Wood Green,1976 David Kârena-Holmes
Odro Arno Loeffler

The Neusyland Effect Peter Schlump (Unwucht Records)
Puddle Motivation George Henderson
The Earthquake Zone Bruce Russell
Musique à tous les étages Max Dembo (SDZ Records)

topoi Arno Loeffler

Extrait du roman Nellcote Revisited Geoff Cush
Extrait du roman I Get High Jim Wilson
The Lunatic K. M. Ross
Nimm mich mit Huelya Yegin-Singer

Le sonnet caché Jacques Coulardeau
La peinture : simple lecture Sandra Bianciardi
The Physical Characteristics of the Gold Leaves Ted Jenner
NZ Videos at the George Pompidou Centre Laura Preston

Pasture Nr. 1 Literary Groundswell





Percutio 2011. Nr. 5.

Archive of a collaboration

Sample download including some text of collaborative project and interview with Jonathan Crayford.

Percutio 2010
Cover image: S. Bianciardi

Format: Adobe
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Percutio 2010. Nr. 4. "La nécessité"
Rédacteur en chef : William Direen

. . . .While I am now come to you, for unbending necessity is upon me (Homeric Hymn. To Aphrodite. V, 130)
. . . .C’est pourquoi je suis venue vers toi, car la nécessité m’a contrainte. (Hymne homérique à Aphrodite. V, 130)

Contents / Sommaire

The Hatchet Blade (after Catullus) -- Michael Steven
entering a brilliant blue ball -- Ted Jenner
No String Banjo -- Sue Wootton
Seven Annotations -- Scott Hamilton
wir spielen liebe -- Silke Galla
Breed [et alia] -- Lisa Samuels
stew for shoe: Bouillon 2 -- John Adams
The Flying Nightmare -- Jacques Coulardeau
Unknown Poet -- Vaughan Rapatahana
The Unknown Cartographer -- Nick Ascroft
Ex Libris (Ad Libros) -- William Direen
Warrington Dives -- Richard Reeve
Red -- Peter Olds
The Secret History of Houses -- Greg Kan
Aus dem Leben von Ordinarius [& tr.] -- Gunther Dietrich
Coalman & Statue of Status -- Stuart Page

Body Politic: The Found Object as Sexual Attractor in Jack Body's Carmen Dances and Alley -- Robin Maconie
Gold Leaves (au sujet d'un texte en cours) -- Ted Jenner
Regard sur la figure -- Sandra Bianciardi

'Samovar' K.M.Ross
'The Merry Eight' Arno Löffler

Jeffrey Grice, France Hervé
Grant McDonagh: Garden
The Odyssey (T. E. Shaw tr.)
Tomorrowland par Lisa Samuels
Anthony McCall: Drawing with Light, Adam Art Gallery
A Private Bestiary (Poems 1944-1993) par Kendrick Smithyman
Peut-être, revue poétique et philosophique, Nº 1


Cover collage: I. A. F. Goldsmith

Format: Adobe
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Percutio 2009. No.3. "Performance"

Editorial / Éditoriel

Having suspended what we do, what we were doing, like a sentence... ... having come to see done, to see made... And, being together (our number indivisibly & infinitely greater than a sum), we wait for the show to begin.


Ayant suspendu ce que nous faisons, ce que nous faisions, comme une phrase... ...étant venu voir faire, voir se faire... Et, étant rassemblés (en nombre indivisible et infiniment plus grand qu'une somme), nous attendons que le spectacle commence.


Degradation of the Laurel Wreath. Brett Cross
Im zimmer fängt. Gunther Dietrich [& tr.]
Ritual Performance of Gold Leaves. Ted Jenner
effondrée du creux au coeur de la note tenue. Anne Mounic [& tr.]
Juliet O'Brien Performer, Teacher, Playwright. Interview with William Direen
f. Franco Bianciardi [& tr.]
Two Poems. Will Christie
Nights at the Nylon Club. David L. Brown
Les Célèbres Dames de Sigiriya. Jacques Coulardeau [& tr.]
Two Poems [& tr.] & thoughts on the text. William Direen
Two Poems. Steve Dean
Burning Woman. David Eggleton
The Moment. M. A. Bourke
Pillars. Michael Steven
Two Poems. David Karena-Holmes [& tr.]
Seascape. Tim Keane [une traduction d'un poème de Paul Verlaine]
Balkonstrasse 5 (extrait). Chris Walshaw
Rest in Peace Mike Jones and Steve Marsden. Jim Wilson
Take the Shell of an Egg. K.M.Ross
The Spaceship. Arno Loeffler
Near Mumbai. Martin Kovan
Two Images. Ben Webb
On Hearing of a Solution. Grant McDonagh
Epithalamium Dance of the Authochthones. Scott Hamilton
Two New York Art Shows. Stuart Shephard
Gamelan and World Choir. Gregory Street

Reviews/Critiques: Fast Down Turk, by Jeanne Bernhardt; NZ Chamber Trio at the NZ Embassy, Paris; Six Dunedin Poets at Circadian Rhythm Café, Dunedin; Keith Rowe at Bretigny sur Orge, Ile de France; three recent book titles; more Bretigny events and David Watson (private concert)


Cover photograph: N. Bunn

Format: Adobe
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Percutio 2008. No.2. "Guiding Lights - artist motivation"

Editorial / Éditoriel

Contents / Sommaire

Thessaly & Petelia (tr. from the gold leaf) Ted Jenner
Aus dem Leben von Ordinarius [& tr.] Gunther Dietrich
A Buddhist Debate in the Sigiri Graffiti Jacques Coulardeau
Sur la peinture Sandra Bianciardi
dans une trouée d'ailes en palpitation lente, au rythme des quatre éléments Anne Mounic [& tr.]
Heres(a)y Will Christie
Z [& tr.] Franco Bianciardi
Priscilla Reprise & The Global Wasteland Jenny Powell-Chalmers
did, have Jen Crawford
Polemical Poem April 2008 Grant McDonagh
North Road, Decoy [& tr.] William Direen
Free translations from fragments of Pseudo-Exiguus Scott Hamilton
Nigel Bunn
Segova's story in eight parts Brett Cross
Before the Disaster Jack Ross
Common Folk Wanda Hu
Zzz Arno Loeffler
Johann in Matamata K.M.Ross
The Author Makes a Personal Appearance George Henderson
R. W. Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz Centre Georges Pompidou The Island by Antigone Kefala (trilingual edition) Le Manteau (d'après Gogol) Théâtre de la Jacquerie Un poilu des antipodes d' Adam Cutforth
Recommended websites


Cover photograph:A. Loeffler

Format: Adobe
Suitable devices: Tablet PCs, PCs, Macs, Laptops

Percutio 2007 (Nr. 1). "Creation of a work."

This issue of Percutio invited poets, writers, photographers and researchers to write about the crucial moments or periods of development of an artistic work. Some responses included thoughts on methodology, technical manipulation, and the adaptation of existing works to new media. Translations are again a feature of Percutio (the initials of translators appear between square brackets).

Ce numéro de Percutio a proposé à des poètes, écrivains, photographes et chercheurs d'écrire sur les phases décisives d'élaboration du travail artistique.Certains textes comprennent des réflexions sur les méthodes artistiques, le travail technique, ou l'appropriation de nouveau média par des Ïuvres contemporaines. Les traductions sont à nouveau une caractéristique de Percutio (les initiales de leurs auteurs figurent entre crochets). Je souhaite remercier ici, tous ceux qui ont pris part à ce travail, en esperant que Percutio, en collaboration avec Titus Books, fournira toujours un espace de recherche original. W. D.

Contents / Sommaire

Untitled 2 Nigel Bunn
Flickering Birds Sally McIntyre
Distilling Textual Tone: Two Agrammatic Collages.U.S. Criminal Code vs. The Poetry of Oscar Wilde Jo Contag.
A cobble-path theme Brett Cross / Un motif de chemin pavé [S.B.]
The Voice of the Discontented Taking Flight Beyond Fancy Or Form I.A.F.Goldsmith
Trois poèmes : Will Christie
Deux poèmes de César Vallejo[Michael Steven]
terrorPop Stuart Porter
Das beste Photo / The best photo (Peninsula 2, 3) Arno Lšffler
When the wishbone turns black William Direen / Quand la chance tourne court[S.B.]
Ode to Auckland Scott Hamilton
Notebook 21.09.06, 22.09.06 William Direen/ Carnet [S.B.] .
The Dancers Grant McDonagh
On collaboration with Marta Jiràckovà David Howard
Dog Walks East Nigel Bunn
Carnet 23.05.07 Sandra Bianciardi / Notebook [W.D.] La traversée Sandra Bianciardi / The Crossing [W.D.]
Bisclavret Marie de France/ Jack Ross
Entretien : Mike Johnson
Entretien : Scott Hamilton
The House of Corrections K.M. Ross
Verdict, The Nineties Grant McDonagh
Morning Picture of South Dunedin / Morgenbildnis Süd Dunedins Peter Olds [G.D.]


Cover drawing: S. Bianciardi

Format: Adobe
Suitable devices: Tablet PCs, PCs, Macs, Laptops

Percutio 2006. Pilot issue. "Crossing cultures"

The aim of Percutio is to publish work in its language of creation so that each contribution may gain meaning from and offer meaning to surrounding works --be they drawings, photo-essays, meditations, extracts from writing-in-progress, travel notes, transcriptions or poetry. This "trans-cultural" issue draws from the work of historians, poets, painters and researchers whom I have come across in New Zealand, Germany and France. Where possible, translations accompany the original texts. I wish to thank everyone who took the time to provide their own translations and those who took part in the collaborative task. It is hoped that Percutio, in partnership with Titus Books, will provide a useful and encouraging platform.

Percutio a pour but de publier chaque texte dans sa langue d'origine de manière à enrichir le sens de travaux aussi divers que dessins, photo-essays, pensées, philosophies, prose extraite d'oeuvres en cours etc... Ce numéro 'trans-culturel' est tiré du travail d'historiens, poètes, peintres et chercheurs que j'ai croisés en Nouvelle-Zélande, en France ou en Allemagne. Dans la mesure où la maquette le permet, chaque texte est accompagné de sa traduction. Je souhaite remercier ici, tous ceux qui ont pris part à ce travail, en espérant que Percutio, en collaboration avec Titus Books, fournira un espace de recherche original. W.D.


Entschuldigung Gunther Dietrich
Three poems Scott Hamilton
Hoi Forscht! Arno Lšffler
The assassination of Marion Dufrène James Norcliffe
From The Blinding Walk K.M.Ross
[A thursday. Une femme.] Olivia Macassey
Graeme Allwright Comes Home Mark Williams
After Apollinaire Jack Ross
Poems from ancient Egyptian fragments Michelle Leggott
Uluru Rudi Krausmann
From The Half-light Mila Kovan
Guy (Debord) and Me Grant McDonagh
Present? William Direen 39 Allegory: Lesson of the Birds Brett Cross
Two translations from Li He (790 -- 816 A.D.) Mike Johnson
French New Zealand William Direen
New Zealand Pilgrimage Valérie Baisnée
Muttermal Thomas Findeiss
Sous la poussière, la plage Sandra Bianciardi
Letter to Ernest Renan Stephen Oliver
Poems from Schneepart (translations into English) Paul Celan
In Cool Light Chris Walshaw
Überbrücken, Leben, Schreiben/Bridging, Living,Writing Nils Plath

Notes on the contributors


Your greatness, image of the infinite, is as wide-ranging as the research of the philosopher, as a woman's love, as the divine beauty of a bird,
as the contemplation of a poet. You are more beautiful than the night.
(Apostrophe to the Ocean)

'Ta grandeur morale, image de l'infini, est immense comme la réflexion du philosophe, comme l'amour de la femme, comme la beauté divine de l'oiseau,
comme les méditations du poète. Tu es plus beau que la nuit.'
-- Les Chants de Maldoror. Lautréamon