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Dreifaltigkeitslied Eckhart von Hochheim (attr.) [tr. w.d.]
Procession of Ancestors (detail) Edward Jenner
Two poems Nick Ascroft
Self-portrait at an exhibition Gunther Dietrich
Summons Lisa Samuels
Time Rhyme and Heaven 29 Joel Chace
Extrait de Mnémosyne ou Le voyage invisible Franco Bianciardi [tr. w.d.]
Untitled and The American Eagle Lindsay Smith
Three prose poems Edward Jenner
Prose poem, Untitled and Simplism Scott Flanagan
Deux séquences de dessins
et William Shakespeare/Les Sonnets José Manuel Lopes
Moreton Bay David Eggleton
Four poems Eden Bradfield
Four poems Lynley Edmeades
Crucified Nightmare 1-12, two poems inspired by Hildegard
von Bingen followed by photo montage Jacques Coulardeau
What? David Karena-Holmes
Two poems and an untitled drawing Cilla McQueen
Two image-related descriptions Richard von Sturmer
Two poems Jack Ross
Two poems and extracts from a sequence Mark Pirie
Two poems Jenny Powell
Power Cuts Mary Cresswell
Four poems Richard Taylor
Two poems and Untitled (detail) Mary Anne Bourke
Kicking Enzo / Enzo Arno Loeffler
Cruise Ship Peter Olds
Extract from Centre William Direen
Night-Scented Stock Katherine Mansfield
Reviews / Commentaire
Two poems by Lisa Samuels and Robin Hyde [w.d.]
Lynley Hood revisited [Grant Mcdonagh]
Jack! Celebrating Jack Body, Composer [w.d.]
brief #52 [w.d.]
Masculinity at Festival del Film Locarno [Arno Loeffler]

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Your greatness, image of the infinite, is as wide-ranging as the research of the philosopher, as a woman's love, as the divine beauty of a bird,
as the contemplation of a poet. You are more beautiful than the night.
(Apostrophe to the Ocean)

'Ta grandeur morale, image de l'infini, est immense comme la réflexion du philosophe, comme l'amour de la femme, comme la beauté divine de l'oiseau,
comme les méditations du poète. Tu es plus beau que la nuit.'
-- Les Chants de Maldoror. Lautréamon