Journal: Percutio

Cover: S. Bianciardi

An annual published in hard copy in New Zealand and France paying special attention to the creative process and issues relating to translation.


Percutio is dedicated primarily to reflections upon the creative process, particularly in relation to work that bridges cultures.

Cover: N. Bunn

Percutio may, therefore, feature poetry, essays, extracts from novels, choreography, approaches to composition and journal entries in English and the language of creation.

Cover:A. Loeffler

The deadline each year is April 10th.

Submissions are welcome.

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Indian Ocean Hub Transport


A topical examination of current mercantile developments in the Indian Ocean a further stage in Jacques Coulardeau's researches into trade (and poetics) in the environs of the Indian sub-continent. (See also Sigiraya Graffiti in Sri Lanka).


Indian Ocean Maritime Hub Transport -- in French

Indian Ocean Maritime Hub -- in English

Indian Ocean Maritime Hub -- graphics